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rafikibanner3 kochs Rafiki, the Swahili word for friend, captures the vision and purpose of the Rafiki Foundation. Since 1985 Rafiki has answered God’s call to be that friend to the needy in Africa in various ways, including missionary work in Africa. In 2001 Rafiki received its first orphan, and has made orphan care and Christian education its top priority. These children, all orphaned because of famine, war, and illness, mainly HIV/AIDS, are being rescued from starvation, disease, despair, and hopelessness. They are given a healthy future filled with laughter, promise, security, learning, and love.

Dear Evangelical Family:

We thank God for your support and prayers.  You have sent us two wonderful ambassadors to serve Christ with us this past year.  We have wonderful memories of Laura and Kelly Rego serving the children of Zambia this past year!

Life has gotten very exciting for us.  We now have 40 orphans plus 22 day students from the surrounding communities.   Rafiki Village is bustling with activity now.  We have a Preprimary 3 year old and 4 year old class, kindergarten, first grade, and Junior Secondary School.  Vicky teaches first grade and sewing to the Junior Secondary students.  Mike is the plant manager and construction manager, so he’s pretty busy!  He also teaches music to the Junior Secondary students and truly enjoys it.  What an awesome privilege to watch God transform His children into vibrant, loving children! 

Once again, God bless you for your partnership with us in Zambia.

Contact Information:

Mike and Vicky Koch
Post.Net Box 232
P/Bag E891
Lusaka, ZAMBIA
ROS #: 153

E-mail: mikeandvicky@koch.net
Cell: 011 260 977 707-815 (Mike)
Cell: 011 260 979 187-413 (Vicky)

Skype: zambia.kochs or 509 590-1418