The idea of four young women of the Church, The Dorcas Society began in December 1956 with Mrs. Linda Desilva as its first President.  The members  strive to follow the example of the Bible character after whom it was named, maintaining a charitable presence through its many activities.  Today, there are over 20 members in regular attendance.

The Dorcas Society meets on the first Monday of each month.  There is usually a speaker, a special feature and refreshments.  Various social activities are also held throughout the year, including an annual barbeque and Christmas dinner.  The ladies each have a “secret pal” to whom she sends birthday and anniversary cards, and also presents a Christmas gift, at which time all “secret pals” are revealed.

The ladies also choose a month in which they perform Presidential and Refreshment duties, providing a wide spectrum of great ideas.  Here’s just a few of the things which have taken place at the meetings:

A defense class   A Progressive Supper
Sign Language lessons   A luncheon for our widows
A Swap Shop of books & magazines   Christmas caroling to the sick & shut-in
Exercise & good posture maintenance lessons   Donation of a small fridge to Word of Life Bermuda

All ladies in the congregation are welcome to attend any of the regular meetings and special events.  Here’s a list of our current Officers, any of whom you may contact for further information: